This is a long journey. Flowing and circulating, like a nomad, specialized in artifacts.


The beauty of objects begins with the function of creation, and the evolution of human civilization is hidden in the subtleties of these ordinary objects, blending gently with time. The ' FANWU' will gather various instruments as time survivors in the same space. Different cultural contexts and personal memories are intertwined here, and a long dream becomes a tangible item at hand.

Fanwu is an artistic space for creating dreams. Ancient artifacts travel through time and become dreams. When they meet new people, they become what they are in a new way. The present presentation is the truth.


The "ordinary things" , they can reveal a person's true life. The dreams created by 'FANWU' are not illusions hanging on a high tower, but rather by recreating daily life in different time and space, creating a mutually awakened field for the past and present, people and objects, and thus walking hand in hand towards the borderless earth in a vast dimension.


The display space FANWU, with the core concept of 'ordinary things', adopts a nomadic approach to explore tangible objects from different eras, regions, and cultural backgrounds, continuously exploring the boundary between useless and useful. The originally yellowed memory shines with true brilliance through nameless instruments from the long river of history, heralding a new story of joy and hope.

About 'FANWU'