The Exhibition Space FANWU Opens in Shanghai and Paris-based Artisan Brand COMMUNS Releases the Autumn/Winter 2023 Collection.


This is a long journey. A nomadic journey to the treasure of time, to the beauty of minor things.


According to the concept of FANWU, the existence of objects starts at the function of creation. The changing of civilization is concealed in the subtleties of everyday life, gently embracing the years. FANWU, the exhibition space, collects COMMON OBJECTS from different eras, regions and cultural backgrounds, and explores the boundary between usefulness and unusefulness in an eclectic and nomadic way.


Paris-based artisan brand COMMUNS releases the Autumn/Winter 2023 Collection「Eastern Poetry」in FANWU as a part of the poetic debut exhibition. COMMUNS regards every piece of garment as a special record of time that defines the past, shapes the present and looks forward to the future. The craftsmanship collection makes a romantic melody with multi-style antique objects and decorations. The flourishing memory regains here, a new journey happens as always.




One peasant can hold

An entire village

In the palm of his hand


Another throws a stone so high

That it flies back to earth

For three hours


Someone hears everything

That happens on earth

And underground


And someone can drink

A whole river of water


In the Valley of Flowers

Oriental Shepherd Man

With Blue Pupils


Slender Man

With long braids

At the side


An enchanted turtle

Is found

Next to a shot arrow

At the edge of the sea

Under a fig tree


Maro brave as a warrior

Beautiful as the light

Many sleepless nights in a row

Embroidering the bright eagle


Dear Maro, dear Marigo

What can be said


Where are your eagle claws

You opened your wings and flew


My nightingale

My sonorous friend

You fly, fly

To a distant native land

There in the blue of the seas

Black-eyed mine

At a sad hour, night

Sing a song about me