Imagined by Sai, Communs is born in 2017 is a journey that happens on the crossroads of cultures, stories and artefacts.Communs identity is expressed into the mixture of few general directions that are developed constantly from season to season. Those are collection, objects, and travels.


First of all, avant-garde pret-a-porter collections stay unisex and limited in quantities of production.


Situated at 18ème arrondissement de Paris, Communs studio and atelier is an experimental space where daring ideas and savoir-faire go together with a view to create a unique voice and story of every piece created by hand. Vintage materials are used as a part of a process in upcycling commitment against mass production.


Each season the brand is practicing a different approach to hand-dye, hand-print, hand vowen and embroidery techniques in order to offer a complete experience of a modern and sustainable dressing.